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Write Goals Down to Increase Achievement {Free Printable}

Did you know most people never set goals of any kind?

Did you know that people who set goals make 3 times as much money as people who don’t?

Did you also know that people who set clear written goals with a plan to achieve them tend to earn up to 10 times as much as both above groups combined?

Writing your goals down on paper combined with an action plan to achieve them is almost guaranteed to increase your personal achievement!  And who wouldn’t like that?

It is important to write goals that are specific and measurable.

For instance, writing I will sell a lot of jewelry next month is neither specific nor measurable.

However, writing I will increase my February sales by 15% over January is both specific and measurable, thereby making it a good goal!

It’s important to write goals that not only stretch you a little bit beyond your comfort zone, but also that are achievable.

If your sales are currently at $200 a month, it is not realistic to expect to have $2,000 in sales next month.  But it would be realistic to expect $250 next month.  See the difference?  One is achievable, and one is completely pie in the sky!

Setting both short term and long term goals is also beneficial!  It’s important to look at the week, month, quarter, and year as a whole.

By projecting goals this far in advance, you help create a plan to achieve the big yearly goals!


Remember, one of the most important aspects of creating kick-ass achievement is to write goals on paper!

If you’re like me, you’re much more likely to actually look at your goals on a daily basis if they look pretty, right?

I’ve created a beautiful goal setting page for you to download for free!  You’ll receive both a divided page, and a blank goal setting page as well!

Click here to download the divided goal setting page!

Click here to download the blank goal setting page!

I hope you’ll snap a picture of your goals and share them with me!

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