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Utilizing “Facebook Live” for Your Business

Did you know that Paparazzi Accessories has very few limits on how we can run our businesses?

One of my favorite things about this company is the ability to use Social Media to sell jewelry…all from the comfort of your own home.  Just be sure you are the owner of the

As you may have seen, many Independent Consultants are using Facebook Live to create a fun and interactive party environment, and you can too!

Here are some important steps to take when you run your very first Facebook Live party.

  1. Decide which jewelry you are going to show in your live.  Whether you have your 35 piece starter kit, or many more pieces, organization is important when you are going live!
  2. Print out your numbers and get ready to go live!  Remember that if you are in “selfie mode” on your phone/tablet, everything is mirror image.  I have created a set of numbers (1-120) for you to use in your live parties…simply print them out on paper or cardstock and you’re ready to go!  CLICK HERE to access them!  (#121- #240 click here) (#241- #360 click here)
  3. Be sure you have good lighting, and a nice camera angle.  I strongly recommend using a tripod of some kind to hold your device, but use what you have!  Click here to see an inexpensive tabletop tripod that would work great for lots of cell phones. (affiliate link included)
  4. You are ready to go live!  Just go and have some fun!  Let your personality shine though, and remember to SMILE!!  Show everyone just how much you love your job!

Post in our group when you have gone live, and what your results are…I guarantee you will see some success with this method if you are consistent!




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