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You Just Purchased Your Paparazzi Accessories Starter Kit…Now What?

Congratulations!  You just purchased your Paparazzi Accessories starter kit!  I’ll bet you’re wondering, “What the heck do I do now?”

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re starting a new business, but I can help you get started one step at a time!

I’ll even give you this free printable New Consultant Checklist!

New Consultant Checklist for Pinterest

Day 1:

___  Create a Facebook Business page for your new business.  Start with a name like Paparazzi by Sue Smith…you can always change the name later.

___  Create a Closed Facebook Group for your new business.  This is the group you will use to sell your inventory as well as hold parties in.  You can start by posting your replicated website link in your group!  This is  You can find your Consultant ID in your welcome email!

___  Invite your friends and family to join your business page and/or your group!

Day 2:

___ Post why you joined Paparazzi on your Facebook business page!

___ Share the photos of the exclusive items you received in your welcome email in your closed Facebook Group!  These are 25 exclusive pieces that ONLY brand new consultants can get, and you will only have 1 of each.  Be sure to let your people know you won’t be able to get more!  Invite your group members to comment SOLD on any items they want!  Use Square to invoice them.

___ If you don’t already have a Square account, go set one up right now!  You will be able to invoice your new customers from this app, allowing you to accept credit/debit cards for purchase!  Their fees are low, and their service is excellent!  Even better, when you use my link, you and I will both receive $1,000 in free processing!

Day 3:

___ Share an inspirational or jewelry quote on your Facebook business page.  If you like to create your own graphics, I recommend using Canva!  If you need help, you can follow my Pinterest boards in both of these categories!

___ Take a picture of you in your favorite Paparazzi piece and share it in your group!  Let your people know what you love about the piece you have! Don’t have any Paparazzi yet?  Post a photo of an outfit, and ask what piece they would pair with it!  You can use the exclusive piece photos you posted from yesterday for this.

___ Check your back office for the tracking info for your Starter Kit! (Your user name is your consultant ID#, and your password you created when you joined)  You will want to know when you can expect it at your front door.  Click on “Orders” and then “View” next to your starter kit, followed by “Track Package”.

___ Invite 5 friends to be at your house the day you receive your Paparazzi package.  This will be your “Pop The Box” party!  It’s a lot of fun, and an easy way to make a few sales the day your kit arrives!  Don’t stop inviting people until you get 5 YES answers…not maybe!  If you have purchased a larger kit, you can invite more people to come open the box with you!  If you don’t have anyone near by that you can invite, consider doing this part LIVE on Facebook!

Day 4:

___ Get a black tablecloth you can use to display your jewelry on when it arrives!  If your budget is very tight, you can purchase a black plastic cloth from Dollar Tree.  But if your budget will allow you to spend a little extra, I recommend this beautiful black tablecloth from Amazon.  I have used this for several years already, and it still looks amazing!

This floor length table cloth is $13.99 on Amazon at the time of this posting! It’s a great deal, and will last years! Affiliate link

___ Check out the resources section of your back office!  This section is full of great information, including our compensation plan, policies and procedures, past newsletters, and more!

___ Read through the policies and procedures.  It is very important that you know what you can and can not do in your new business!

___ Consider getting a “vanity URL” for your business.  You can purchase a domain name at for less than $10 for a year, and then point it to your Paparazzi replicated website!  I use for mine, which makes it easier for people to find me online!

Day 5 and on!

___ Be sure to post something on your business page daily.  This is NOT where you are making sales, but rather the start to connections.  Post inspiration, jewelry tips, outfit/jewelry combinations, etc.  Invite your people to come to your group to shop!

___ Be sure to keep your group engaged!  Show more of your personality in here.  These are your shoppers! Post your new jewelry, mark sold jewelry as sold, ask them what they want to see, etc.

___ Keep new inventory arriving at your doorstep!  Your people are going to LOVE having choices!  And you will have so much fun serving them!

___ Be sure to share the opportunity in a fun, non-salesy way!  Keep sharing what Paparazzi is doing for you and your family!

If you start your Paparazzi Business off with these steps while you’re waiting for your starter kit to arrive, you’ve gotten yourself off to a great start!

Be sure to follow me on Facebook for new blog posts and daily inspiration!

You can also message my team page with the word NOTIFY to receive new inventory notifications M-F!

I can’t wait to help you grow your new business!


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