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Stand Out In a Sea of Consultants

In a growing company like Paparazzi Accessories, it can seem difficult to find ways to make yourself stand out.  It may seem like everyone shares the same set of images…in fact, Facebook is even blocking them because too many consultants are using them, making them seem “spammy”.

There are some simple steps you can take to brand your business and stand out from the rest of the field!

5 Tips to Create Your Personal Paparazzi Accessories Brand

While this post is mainly geared towards your images, you can incorporate many of these ideas into other aspects of your business as well…including your business cards!

  1. Use a consistent color scheme.  This is probably my greatest tip for creating your brand.  Use colors you adore!  Use Paparazzi Pink (HEX #ED008C)!  Then throw in some fun accents.  Keep it uncluttered so your customers eye is drawn to what’s important.
  2. Use fonts that coordinate well.  This should go without saying, but find a couple (2-3) fonts that you will use in most of your work.  You want your customers to start to recognize your images as YOURS, so they think of you every time they see it…even if it is shared by other people.  Make sure the fonts you use look nice together…a delicate script with a stronger font, for example.
  3. Keep your background white behind your wording.  It is important to have some white space in your images.  White is crisp and clean, and it makes your colors really stand out!  Don’t be afraid of white.  Embrace the white!  Now…does that mean that you can never use an image or color in your background?  Of course not.  Just remember that boldly colored backgrounds tend to look childish…and that is not the look we are going for.
  4. Use images that have an unrestricted usage license.  This is a HUGE issue for consultants, and one you need to avoid.  You can actually be fined large sums of money for stealing someones image…and I do NOT want that to happen to you.  You need to use images that have an unrestricted usage license.  You can find lots of free images online at and  I often use images from these sources in my personally branded posts.   Also, be absolutely sure you are using the correct Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consultant Logo (in the resources section of your back office).  I see many images being used that have the wrong logo!  Out the door question
  5. Watermark your images with your logo and/or website.  You do not want to make it easy for someone to “borrow” your hard work and pretend it is theirs.  Many consultant will do this.  And if they want to use my work, that’s great…they are actually advertising for ME, and not them.

You may be wondering what program I use for creating my images, right?  Stay away from more amateur photo editing apps like Pizap, and go with an easy to learn interface.  My absolute favorite is Canva.  Not only is Canva FREE*, but I am able to design both on my computer AND on my tablet.  I can even use Canva on my phone now!  The above images were both created using Canva.

I hope this gives you a good starting place to begin creating your very own images, helping you to stand out from the crowd!

I’d love to know what fonts and colors you plan to use in YOUR new branding!  Leave me a comment and let me know what you are planning!


*Canva is generally a free resource.  Be aware that there are paid features as well.



2 thoughts on “Stand Out In a Sea of Consultants

  1. I am looking for consultants resources
    For # cards?
    Please reply

    1. Thanks for checking in! The numbers are found under Consultant Resources up in the menu! If you’re on mobile, turn your phone sideways to see the menu!

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