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Request A Paparazzi Catalog!

Whether you already know and love Paparazzi Accessories, or you are just hearing about us and want to see what we’re all about, you can request a Paparazzi catalog right here!



We don’t have catalogs!

You see, our inventory changes on a near daily basis, so we always have something new to offer you!

Yup…not only is our fashion-forward jewelry $5, but it is also very limited!! When you find a piece you want, the best thing to do is grab it right away!

Now that you’ve found your very own Paparazzi Accessories consultant, you’re going to want to bookmark my Facebook Group!

Be sure to check back frequently, because I post my new inventory in my group!  I get new items at least once a week!

To purchase items in my group, you’ll just need to comment SOLD and complete my checkout form!

The best part about not having a catalog?  You can be sure you are always seeing something different and exciting!

Every consultant may have different items, as there are literally over 200 different pieces for us to choose from on any given day!

What are you waiting for?

No more need to request a Paparazzi catalog!

Join my Facebook group today to stay up to date on new inventory, contests, and just plain old fun!

If you just want to have some fun shopping right now, check out my inventory online!

One thought on “Request A Paparazzi Catalog!

  1. I would like a catalog sent to me to shop I am not interested in selling.

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