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Planning to Plan – And Letting Go of Perfection!

Planning to plan will change your week!

I always have the best intentions, you know?  I get a planner, and think to myself, “THIS is going to make my life so much more organized!”

**Snickers** Yeah.  Right.

I am one of “those people” who has to force herself to plan thing out! I have to plan to plan!

Do ya feel me on that?

Are we kindred spirits here?

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When I first got my Happy Planner, I joined all of these “planner community” pages on Facebook, thinking they would give me lots of inspiration!

I even went out and bought stickers and washi tape for my planner, thinking (foolishly, of course) that I would spend my weekends decorating my planner for all different holidays and seasons, creating a theme every single week!

While these things might work for some people, for me?  They were just super overwhelming.

I had to learn that it was OK to let go of the “perfect planner” idea in my head!

LOL…I was pretty delusional!

In spite of that rough beginning, I have learned to embrace my Happy Planner, but I make it work for ME!  Do I still use stickers and washi tape?  Sure!  But I keep it pretty low key!

Some weeks, I skip that stuff all together! (I know.  The horror of it all!)

Let me share with you what DOES work for me when I’m planning out my week.

  1. I have to plan to plan.  Yes.  I need a day that is written in my planner to sit down and plan out the next week.  Sometimes I do this on a Sunday, but usually, Saturday works best for me.  That’s because my husband works on Saturdays, and he’s off work on Sunday.  So I like to keep Sunday all about the family, you know?
  2. I have to write things down, or they don’t get done.  That doesn’t mean I remember to write everything down.  I’m not that good.  But I do get things done when I write them down!
  3. I have to separate my planner into the different things I have going on.  Since the Happy Planner is divided into 3 different vertical blocks for each day, I use the top one for my personal/family items, the middle block for planning my Paparazzi business stuff, and the bottom box is set aside for all of my PTA and Band Booster activities.
  4. I keep a second planner for going into more detail with my Paparazzi business stuff.  I am able to write more detail in there as far as blogging, social media posts, party things, team trainings, etc.  This 2nd planner is bigger, and has horizontal lined blocks!  This one is never pretty, since no one but me ever sees it!  LOL!

My Happy Planner is not pretty by many people’s standards because I don’t feel like spending all of that time decorating it and making it look beautiful is beneficial to me in the long run.  It doesn’t make me happy.  In fact, it stresses me out!  I am the only one who needs to love my planner so that I actually use it!

If planning to plan means you spend time decorating your planner…if that makes you happy…then by all means, schedule time into your week to pretty up your planner pages!

All this to say, if you are someone who loves the idea of planning, but hasn’t quite embraced it fully, start planning to plan!  It just might be a game changer for you and your business!

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2 thoughts on “Planning to Plan – And Letting Go of Perfection!

  1. I add in planning times in my planner too : )

    1. It’s a great strategy to help get things done! 🙂

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