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What Would An Extra $50-$100/Week Do For YOU??


Women who are looking for part-time work from home, while still having time to focus on their families. If that is you….keep reading!

What are your goals?

Do you enjoy going to work every day?

Or does working from home sound good to you?

Do you love the idea of working for someone else?

Or does owning your own business have a nice ring to it?

Does the possibility of huge paychecks make you giddy?

Or does the idea of paying the water bill this month without having a panic attack sound more like you?

Are you motivated by free trips?

Or does the idea of planning your daughter’s birthday party without worrying about how you’re going to pay for it appeal to you a little more?

Is leading a team of 10,000 consultants your dream?

Or would you be happy sharing your business with a few people here and there?

Do you want to work a business full time and be all in?

Or are you someone who would be happier earning extra income around all the other commitments you have in your life?

If you are an “OR” person, I invite you to allow me to be your Paparazzi Accessories business mentor!

About Me

My name is Jessica Davison, and I have been an Independent Paparazzi Accessories consultant for over 5 years now.  I work my business part-time, and I love every minute of it!

Paparazzi has helped my family out more times than I can remember!  I have been able to make car repairs, take family trips to visit relatives, pay for a hotel overnight, buy groceries to feed my family, go out for dinner, and even pay completely for Christmas in CASH all because of Paparazzi.

I have NOT gotten rich off of this business, and though you will see quite a few women who are doing very well, the majority of consultants like myself are very happy working part time and adding extra income to our family budgets.

Paparazzi has allowed me to work part-time, remain a stay-at-home parent, and still contribute financially to my family.

What can a Paparazzi Accessories business do for YOU?

I am all about setting realistic goals.  Selling 1,000 pieces of jewelry in a month while working 10 hours a week is not realistic.

But selling 25-50 pieces a week IS realistic.  As you can see from the chart below, that would be between $56.25-$112.50 each week in profit!

What would some extra money like that do for you?

A Typical Weekly Schedule For Me

You may be wondering what a typical week looks like for me.  Let me share my typical schedule.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 15 minutes pulling pieces to show on my Facebook Live (I show 25 pieces each show); 10 minutes creating and scheduling my Live; 5 minutes sharing my posts to my personal page and group; 30 minutes selling on my Live after my kids are in bed

Tuesday/Thursday: 15 minutes pulling pieces sold on Monday’s live, dividing them up by customer.  10-15 minutes creating and sharing social media posts. 1 hour working on my blog.

Saturday: 1 hour invoicing customers from the week.

I also typically prepare items for shipping on Sunday evening.  This takes me about an hour.  You could also do this Monday morning.

This schedule still allows me time to have a life outside of Paparazzi, chat with my team, answer customer questions, and build strong friendships!

I use tools (like Square, a blog/website, KeenSpree, and PirateShip) that help me work smarter and faster without costing me a small fortune.  And I will teach you how to do the same!

When you work with me…

When you choose to work with me as your upline, I will help you figure out a sustainable schedule to fit Paparazzi into your busy life.  I will help you balance Paparazzi and family life.  I will help you build a business that allows you to earn an extra income to help your financial situation.

All it takes is $99 and about 10 hours a week.

IF you want to build a huge business, my upline is fabulous at helping people go BIG, and you will have immediate access to her trainings as well.

I am looking for women who want to earn an extra income, but aren’t necessarily looking to make this a full time career.

I am looking for stay at home moms who want to help their spouse pay some bills.

I am looking for women who just need something fun in their lives…the money is just a plus.

I am looking for women who love a great deal and can’t resist sharing that with their friends and family.

If that woman is you, we are a perfect fit!

Let’s get you started today.







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