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Paparazzi Accessories Signature Series – NEW Luxury Line!

Convention is always a time for self-improvement, motivation, and new announcements!  Paparazzi delivered this week by announcing a brand new line that has previously ONLY been made available to consultants who attended the annual Convention!  I’d like to introduce the brand new, LUXURY line of Paparazzi known as the Paparazzi Accessories Signature Series!

What is the Paparazzi Accessories Signature Series?

Also known as the Zi Collection, the Signature Series is an upscale, blinked out line of statement pieces that you will absolutely drool over!

These pieces are NOT part of our amazing $5 line, which frankly gets better and better all the time.  Rather, the Signature Series will be offered at a higher retail price of $25 a piece!

When you see these pieces, you will understand why they are $25…and worth EVERY PENNY!!

Want a little sneak peek?

The Paparazzi Accessories Signature Series will consist of 20 necklaces, and they will be available for an entire year!

Planning a wedding?  Think Signature Series!

Prom?  Think Signature Series!

At $25, these pieces are STILL well below what you’d expect to pay at big name retailers!  And as always, Paparazzi remains lead &a nickel free.

Just like the $5 line you know and live, necklaces include earrings at the $25 price point!

Want to get your Signature Series necklace for FREE?  Host a $200 or more Paparazzi Party with me and I will send you your choice of available Signature Series necklaces for FREE!

With the release of the Signature Series in October, I will be updating my Hostess Rewards plan!

Scedule your Paparazzi Party with me TODAY!! Click below to request a party!

2 thoughts on “Paparazzi Accessories Signature Series – NEW Luxury Line!

  1. wow! $25 is a steal for nice necklaces like that! They look great!

    1. Thanks, Kendra! We’re so excited to be able to offer these in October!!

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