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The July 2017 Fashion Fix Has Arrived!

Are you awesome at putting different pieces of jewelry together and creating a beautiful cohesive look?  Look no further than the July 2017 Fashion Fix!

The stylists at Paparazzi Accessories are pros when it comes to putting pieces together, and so they created the Fashion Fix, to help us as consultants and customers alike to up our fashion game!

This month, the July 2017 Fashion Fix is sure to make your heart take a little leap, whether you are a super glitzy girl, or prefer something a little more southern!

Ready to take a peek??  Let’s go!

My girls who love glitz and glamour will adore the Fiercely 5th Avenue look this month!  The super long necklace has enough glam to make you shine, while the long dangly chains at the bottom act as visual elongators!  The coordinating pieces up the shimmer and shine.  Wear them together for a head to fingers coordinated look.  This is a look to LOVE this month!

My Glimpses of Malibu fans will appreciate the matching necklace and bracelet set in the gorgeous pink tones this month!  Add in a coordinating pair of earrings and a ring, and you’ve got a complete look that is sure to please!

I know I have some girls out there who LOVE those turquoise pieces with the southwestern flair, and Simply Santa Fe does not disappoint this month!  Bold with a touch of a floral feature, these pieces take southwestern up a notch!  Be sure to grab each of the pieces in this set for a cohesive look that will be the envy of all who see you!

Are you a little more daring and edgy?  You’ll appreciate the bold look of the Magnificent Musings set this month!  While it still brings the glam, the smoky quartz look adds that bit of daring and edge that my Musings girls crave!  Dress this up with you little black dress, or pair it with blue jeans and your favorite t-shirt for a surprising look! No matter what you choose, you’ll be sure to turn some heads!

Not to be left out, my Sunset Sightings girls will appreciate the bold yet classic pairings of this months set!  Antiqued silver pieces always make a statement, and these pieces will have all of your friends asking you where you found them!  (be sure to send them back to me!)

No matter which set makes your heart flutter, you can get each of these looks for just $20!  Message me for a special deal on the complete set, or find available individual pieces over in the shop!

Share this post with your friends, please, so they can all get in on the deal, too!

While individual pieces are available right now, I’ll need to order complete sets for you on July 5th!  Let me know ASAP what you love so I can add you to the order!



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