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Looking To Buy Paparazzi Jewelry Wholesale? Let Me Show You How!

It’s smart to buy your Paparazzi jewelry wholesale!

Everyone knows a great deal when they see one, right?  And everyone who has seen Paparazzi Accessories LOVES it and can’t believe it’s only $5! But you know there is a way to buy your very own Paparazzi jewelry wholesale, don’t you?

Of course there is!

You just sign up to become an independent consultant, like me!

Now here’s the super cool part of getting your Paparazzi jewelry wholesale…

You can turn around and SELL IT for $5 to your friends and family, which will feed your own $5 habit!

Or, you can keep it all, or some of it, for yourself!

You might be wondering, “OK, Jess…what’s the catch?”

Basically, there isn’t one.  When you create your Paparazzi jewelry wholesale account, you will choose which wholesale kit you will start your journey with.  You can choose from a $99 wholesale kit (35 pieces of jewelry), a $299 wholesale kit (120 pieces of jewelry), or a $499 wholesale kit (200 pieces of jewelry).

Each wholesale kit will give you jewelry, business and display materials, a FREE website (who doesn’t like that?), and the ability to buy all your jewelry for at least the next 12 months at wholesale prices!

In exchange for creating your wholesale account, you now have the ability to order whatever Paparazzi jewelry you want at the super low wholesale price of $2.75 a piece!  Simply purchase 100 pieces over the course of any rolling 12-month period to keep your wholesale account active!  (Please note: wholesale account holders also pay sales tax at your local state sales tax rate on the full $5 retail price)

Want to sell some of the Paparazzi jewelry at retail?  As someone with a Paparazzi jewelry wholesale account, you can sell any of your pieces at the suggested retail of $5 each!  Please be sure you never sell for less than $5! After all, if someone wants an even better deal on their Paparazzi jewelry than $5, they can always create their own wholesale account!

Have more questions about creating a Paparazzi jewelry wholesale account?  Let’s talk!

Please send me a message on Facebook, OR an email!

10 thoughts on “Looking To Buy Paparazzi Jewelry Wholesale? Let Me Show You How!

  1. It doesn’t sound like a deal. I pay $126.00 for 35 pieces of jewelry. I sell it for $5. If I sell all 35 pieces that’s $49. That’s a loss not profit. Am I wrong

    1. I think your math might be a little off. Your starter kit, which includes 35 pieces of jewelry, costs $99 (plus sales tax on the retail price of $5 a piece at your local rate). You can turn around and sell that same 35 pieces of jewelry for $175 (plus the sales tax you were charged when you bought the jewelry, so we take sales tax out of the math equation.). $175 – $99 = $76 PROFIT. That means you are making $76 off of your initial purchase! Not a loss at all!
      After your initial starter kit purchase, that same 35 pieces of jewelry will cost you $96.25 (let’s keep sales tax out of this since you will recoup that when you sell the jewelry). You are still selling those 35 pieces for $175 total. $175 – $96.25 = $78.75 profit! That is 45% more than what you paid for the jewelry.
      Make sense?

  2. How do you get started in paparazzi

    1. Great question! It’s as easy as visiting the website and choosing a starter kit! You can invest as little as $99, $299, or $499 in your business, depending on how big you want to start! Check out the site at and let me know if you have any questions!

  3. Can i become a paparazzi wholesale representative and sell the items in my own personal boutique? Whether online or in store boutique.

    1. As long as you are not selling a direct competing product in your boutique (I.e. other jewelry) then YES…you sure can! Paparazzi does need to be displayed in its own area in a brick and mortar store.
      Here is a link to the Policies and Procedures for Paparazzi…let me know if you have any firther questions.

  4. Hi can I join as I’m in Australia and I’ve never heard or seen this company here. Would like to know if it’s here already or can I join from someone overseas

    1. Hi, Elena! Currently, Paparazzi Accessories only operates in the United States and it’s territories, including Puerto Rico and Guam. I’ll keep you in the loop if Paparazzi ever expands internationally!

  5. 35 x 5 =175

    1. Sure is!

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