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Should You Subscribe to the Paparazzi Accessories Fashion Fix? Yes!

Whether you are a brand new Paparazzi consultant, or have been around for a while, you have probably heard about the Fashion Fix, and wondered what the heck it is! You probably even wonder if you should be getting it, right?

It will probably come to no surprise to you that I will tell you YES!  Subscribe to the Fashion Fix!

Fashion Fix Logo

Let me explain why!

  1. A Fashion Fix subscription ensures you are active for the month. We all get busy, and if Paparazzi is a small side gig for you, you may forget to place your order one month.  Fashion Fix is a guaranteed 50 PV each month, so you’ll never miss out on that active status again!
  2. The Fashion Fix helps you stand out!  If the consultants around you are not subscribed to the Fashion Fix, then you have a competitive edge over them!  And if they are, you are keeping up!
  3. Double hostess rewards.  The Fashion Fix includes 4 hostess rewards every month, which offsets the shipping cost!  Nice, right?
  4. Exclusive access to sets on the 5th of the month!  Only Fashion Fix subscribers get access to the new sets on the 5th of each month!  The rest of Paparazzi gets whatever is left over on the 20th, ensuring your Fashion Fix subscription remains high demand!
  5. Paparazzi styles the sets for you!  Some are matchy-match and obvious, but others are subtle combinations out together by Paparazzi stylists in Corporate for you and your customers!  It’s a no-brained way to op-sell your customers!
  6. Finally, you get 5 EXCLUSIVE pieces every month!  Keep them, out them aside for your hostesses, or add them in to your regular inventory.  Whatever you choose to do with these exclusive pieces, your customer mess are sure to be excited about them!!

Now than you know all the reasons you should be on the Fashion Fix, are you ready to get started?

Call Paparazzi at (855) 697-2727 to be added to the wait list ASAP!


** The Paparazzi Fashion Fix is NOT required!  It is an optional Autoshio to help you grow your business! **

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