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Now Offering Shipping to Puerto Rico and Guam!

Did you know that Five Dollar Divine, an Independent retailer of fabulous $5 Paparazzi Accessories now offers shipping to Puerto Rico and Guam?

It’s true!

Not only can the 50 United States get their fix of fashionable, affordable Paparazzi Accessories, but so can the citizens of Puerto Rico and Guam!

Even better?  Shipping to the territories is just $6.75 per order, via USPS Priority Mail.

I am so excited to offer these expanded shipping locations to you!

Do you know what is even better?

If you live in Puerto Rico or Guam, and you love Paparazzi Accessories, you can become a Paparazzi consultant!

What are you waiting for?

If you live in Puerto Rico or Guam, you can start shopping right now!  I have tons of inventory online to choose from, ready to ship next day!


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