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New Jewelry Added 1/14/19

Sometimes, I have to pinch myself. Seriously. I open a box of brand new jewelry, and marvel over the fact that this is really only $5!

As some of my pieces have been pre-claimed in my Facebook VIP group, I only have a few brand new available….but they are amazing!

Paparazzi Accessories Haute Heartbreaker - Pink Infused with a lengthened silver chain, an array of glassy pink and shimmery silver accents swing from the bottom of a white rhinestone encrusted frame. A faceted pink heart frame swings from the bottom of the sparkling frame, adding a romantic finish to the whimsical tassel. Features an adjustable clasp closure. Sold as one individual necklace. Includes one pair of matching earrings.
Haute Heartbreaker – Pink

Let’s start with Haute Heartbreaker – Pink. This long necklace ends in round, rhinestone encrusted circle with several pink charms dangling from the end!

Charms include a large, opaque pink heart, various sized translucent pink beads with and without tassels, a translucent pink teardrop, and a faceted silver bead.

Completely gorgeous, and I have several available for just $5 each!

Paparazzi Accessories Treasury Fund - Red Featuring refined marquise cuts, glittery red rhinestones flare from a center of glassy white rhinestones, creating a regal band across the finger. Features a stretchy band for a flexible fit. Sold as one individual ring.
Treasury Fund – Red

Treasury Fund – Red is a gorgeous, vibrant stretchy ring (one size fits most). The elongate ruby red rhinestones line the upper and lower surface of the ring, while the center is studded with brilliant white rhinestones.

This ring is truly a stunner, and will wow anyone who sees it. Can you believe it is only $5?

Paparazzi Accessories Charmingly Cupid - Silver Dainty silver hearts slide along interlocking stretchy spring-like wires, creating whimsical layers across the wrist. Sold as one individual bracelet.
Charmingly Cupid – Silver

We wrap up our new inventory with this amazing $ bracelet set. When I first saw this set, I honestly thought it was a bangle set. In fact, I even advertised it as such in my pre-order post! LOL!

What this bracelet set really is, though, is 6 stretchy silver metal bracelets threaded with 2 or 3 sliding silver hearts each! It is truly stunning to behold, and will really fit anyone because of the stretch! This has become my favorite piece of the bunch (but I only have 1 available).

You can click on any image above and be take right to that item in my store, or you can shop all my $5 jewelry looks by clicking the button below!

Thanks for checking out my newest additions to the $5 jewelry store! Be sure to subscribe to my email list to be notified every time new inventory hits the store!

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