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Life Of The Party – Qualifications Reset Today!

Today starts the NEW QUALIFICATION period for Life Of The Party!!

what is Life Of The Party?  Click here for the flyer from Paparazzi Accessories!

What do you need to do each month to earn LOP? Let’s break it down!

  • Bronze = 5,000 PV/year
    This is about 418 PV per month! That means you’re selling 209 pieces a month, and earning yourself $470.25!!
  • Silver = 10,000 PV/year
    This is about 834 PV per month! This means you’re selling about 417 pieces a month, earning yourself $938.25 profit!
  • Gold = 15,000 PV/year
    This equates to 1,250 PV per month, or selling 625 pieces of amazing $5 jewelry!! This earn YOU a profit of $1,406.25!!! Every month!!
  • Step it up to Platinum = 25,000 PV/year and you’re now looking at about 2,084 PV/month! That’s 1,042 pieces of jewelry you’re selling every month to earn yourself a nice profit of $2.344.50!!! Nice, right?
  • Go DIAMOND = 35,000 PV/year and you’re looking at about 2,918 PV/month!! That’s 1,459 pieces of $5 jewelry you’d be selling, at a profit of $3,282.75!!!

Want to keep track of your progress?  Download my FREE Life Of The Party Tracker!!

Pinnable LOP Tracker

This doesn’t take into account that ladies who reach these levels through SALES are also recruiting amazing teams! Your commission checks will start to increase dramatically when you focus on sales!!

Who’s ready to commit to Life Of The Party this year!???

leave me a comment with the level you are aiming for!!

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