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Join Paparazzi Accessories in January 2019

Are you ready to join Paparazzi Accessories? In January 2019, you will get free jewelry in every starter kit. Earn anywhere from $25 to $250 extra!

Are you ready to join Paparazzi Accessories in January 2019? With free jewelry in every starter kit, you’ll earn anywhere from $25 to $250 extra when you sell the contents of your kit!

Free jewelry in every starter kit!

With massive growth this past year, Paparazzi Accessories is becoming THE well know $5 jewelry company!

Our jewelry rivals that of any department store, and yet our prices remain just a fraction of what you’ll pay in the big box stores. If you don’t own any Paparazzi yet, I suggest you give our jewelry a try!

When you join the Paparazzi party, you’ll be able to purchase your jewelry at our low wholesale consultant cost, and resell it for $5! As a consultant, you’ll earn 45% profit on every piece you sell…no waiting for commission checks!

If you’re ready to start your business, I would love to mentor you! Please click the link below to visit our FREE replicated website to join our family of consultants!

Don’t delay…this promotion will fade fast! Valid only in January 2019!

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