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Is a Digital Journal Right For You?

Digital Journal – Is it right for you?

I am the worst when it comes to writing down special moments on a daily basis.  I have never been one to keep up on scrapbooking, either.

So when I came up with this idea for a digital journal, I instantly knew how I would put it to good use – as a digital scrapbook for our everyday moments!

Today, we went up to the movie theater in Bristol for the free movies. We were all set to watch Smurfs, and I decided to take a picture.  Normally, I would just post it to Facebook, and hope to see it again next year when my memories popped up.

Instead, I decided to capture the moment, along with my own thoughts on the trip, in my new digital journal!


June 13 Digital Journal page
Digital journal/scrapbook page create with the Digital Journal from, the GoodNotes app on iOS, and a digital scrapbooking kit from Sweet Shoppe Designs.

I used the Index to move seamlessly to June, then clicked on the 13 to bring me right to today’s date.

I also downloaded some free scrapbooking elements from Sweet Shoppe Designs.  I chose this free “Captured” set!

One thing you need to be aware of in GoodNotes is that things stack in the order you import them.  So be aware that the first thing you import will be on the bottom, while the last thing will be on the top. You may find yourself deleting and replacing items to get the look you want! (Ask me how I know this!)

I finished off today’s entry with my own handwritten thoughts on the trip!

This will be something that will always live on in my digital journal!  I may choose to print them out periodically, as well.  It’s always fun to have physical products to look back on.

Can you see yourself starting a digital journal?

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