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I’m Looking For Someone…

…and it might be you!

And if it’s not you, you probably know this person.

*She is a go-getter who always gets the job done.

*She is loved by everyone she meets!

*She works hard to get ahead!

*Give her a goal, and you’d better get out of her way!  She will be unstoppable!

*She’s not afraid to be her own boss.

Does this girl sound familiar to you?

You see, I NEED motivated women on my team to help me bring Paparazzi Accessories to the masses!  My team is already doing great things, and this woman will help us take it to the next level!

Some of the benefits this girl can count on include:

  • 45% commissions on every piece of jewelry sold.
  • flexible work schedule
  • no boss, but plenty of support
  • team building commissions
  • low yearly quotas
  • no monthly quotas until a team is begun
  • no catalogs
  • free website
  • a great product at the most affordable price!

Please, if this is you, or someone you know, let’s talk!



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