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How Usborne Books Helps Me Encourage My Reluctant Reader

”I love reading!”

Those are words I wasn’t sure I would ever hear my 8-year-old say.

And yet, there I was, standing in his room after tucking him into bed, when those very words came right out of his mouth!

We have struggled with reading for a couple of years now.  Even though it finally clicked for him this summer, it isn’t translating into his reading assessments at school.

J is a slow reader, which doesn’t bode well for success on timed tests.  (Why on EARTH Tennessee is timing 2nd graders on reading speed is beyond me, and another post altogether.)

Last Christmas (2016), my dear friend, Amy, who is an Usborne Books consultant, recommended the “Hey, Jack” series to help encourage J to read.  I chose “Hey, Jack: The Big Adventure” for him.

We had read the book together a few times throughout the year, but recently, J grabbed the book and read it all by himself, beginning to end!

Those of you with reluctant readers know, this is a HUGE success!  Finally, a book that my child is excited to read….and reread!

Thankfully, “Hey, Jack” is a series, and I’m able to grab more books from the series that I know J will enjoy and will be able to read successfully!

If you have a reluctant reader, would you please reach out to Amy and see if she can help you find a great book or series for your little?

I have never been disappointed with her recommendations, and she really takes your child’s age, ability, and interests into consideration when she makes a recommendation!

I think you’ll also be pleasantly surprised with the affordability of Usborne books!  They are very reasonably priced, making them a go-to resource for this very budget minded family!

**This post contains links to Amy’s Usborne Books website.  I do not benefit in any way from these links.  I just love the personal touch Amy brings to book selection!  I hope you’ll get in touch with her!**

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