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How Do I Buy Paparazzi Accessories?

Accessories can take your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary, but they don’t have to cost a fortune!

The amazing $5 jewelry from Paparazzi Accessories can ONLY be purchased through a consultant like me, and with an ever changing inventory, you’ll need to be quick to grab the pieces you love!

So now you’re wondering….

How Do I Buy Paparazzi Accessories?

The best way to buy Paparazzi Accessories is by following your favorite consultant (I hope it’s me!) on Facebook, and if they have a private website, go follow that too!  You may even want to add those links to your favorites, as well!

I personally run live sales off my Facebook business page, where anyone can join in the fun!  To claim an item you see, simply be the FIRST person to comment SOLD along with the number of the item you love!  You’ll need to complete a checkout form as well, and then make sure to pay your invoice on time.  Easy-peasy!

What if you don’t have Facebook?

I run sales on YouTube, as well.  You can subscribe to my channel by clicking here.

And I also keep most of my inventory right here on my website, which you can shop from 24 hours a day!

Whether you prefer to shop from a website or a live sale, there are lots of ways to get your $5 jewelry fix with Paparazzi Accessories!

I hope this quick post has helped you answer the question, “How do I buy Paparazzi Accessories?”

I look forward to helping you find just the right piece!


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