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Creating Your Roadmap To Success In Direct Sales

JessDavison, an independent Paparazzi Accessories consultant, walks you through setting objectives to help you create a roadmap to achieve success in your business.

Success. The very first definition of the word is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”. Notice anything about that definition? It isn’t tied to money or things. It is tied only to accomplishing an objective. In order to achieve your objective, you need to create a roadmap to success!

Before we can work on creating your roadmap to success, you must first decide what success looks like to you! What will make you say, “I have arrived at the pinnacle of success”?

Paparazzi Accessories by blog post about choosing your own definition of success, owning it, and setting your goals based on your personal definition, rather than someone else’s idea of what success looks like.
Your definition of success should be what you hope to achieve….not necessarily your upline’s or company’s idea of success.

I love the world of direct sales, where you can run your own business around your family’s needs, rather than having a boss telling you what and when things need to be done. Direct Sales makes entrepreneurship easily attainable due to the relatively low cost of starting a business.

But an issue I have, too, is many people are led to believe they are failing if they don’t achieve their upline’s idea of success. As a result, many people quit before they figure out that their success is independent of anyone else’s!

Your Direct Sales upline sets their “goals” for you based on their goals for success. You should work toward your OWN idea of success, whether it serves theirs or not!

Your homework right now, before you go any further, is to really think about what success would look like to YOU. Is it a financial goal? A recruiting goal? A family goal? Or a feeling? Is it getting your spouse out of his/her 9-5? None of the above? What is YOUR definition of success?

Now that you know what your destination is, it’s time to figure out how to get there! Unfortunately, there is no app that can automatically break down your goal into smaller, achievable steps, so we’re going to have to do that for ourselves.

On your worksheet, you are going to really think about what steps you need to take to achieve your version of success. For example, if your version of success is being able to quit your full time job, one of your goals might be to replace your full-time income. Another might be to create a home office. Create as many goals as needed to achieve your success goal!

On the second page of your worksheet, you are now going to take just 1 of the smaller goals you created above, and break it down into even smaller, detailed, actionable steps. Use as many sub-goals as needed to help you create your roadmap. Your sub-goals could even have their own sub-goals!

One thing I have to caution you about….be sure your goals are detailed, precise, and MEASURABLE. You will quickly feel lost if your goals are not detailed or specific enough.

Keep your worksheet readily available, somewhere you will be able to reference it every single day. Everything you do in your business moving forward should serve your success goals in some way. If your actions aren’t serving your success goals, you need to reevaluate your goals and actions!

I hope this roadmap to success helps you achieve YOUR idea of success! Leave me a comment and let me know what SUCCESS looks like to you!

JessDavison, an independent Paparazzi Accessories consultant, walks you through setting objectives to help you create a roadmap to achieve success in your business.

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