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A New Beauty Company Just Launched – And It Will CHANGE How You Polish Your Nails!! Color Street!!

Color Street Nails is the new kid on the block!

It’s always exciting when a new company launches…its an opportunity to be a part of something special from the very beginning…right?

And if the company offers something super cool, and very affordable, that people will want to order over and over again, even better…am I right?

My sweet friends, Allyson, is part of the newest Direct Sales company, Color Street, and I believe this company just may change how you do your nails…forever!!

What is Color Street? To put it simply, Color Street is a brand new Direct Sales company that provides 100% polish nail strips that are easy to apply, and dry instantly!! That means no more waiting for your nails to dry!!

Know what else it means?  They’ll come off with your regular nail polish remover!

These are NOT nail wraps or stickers.  Color Street nails ARE 100% nail polish sheets in 3 layers – base coat, color coat, and top coat!  Think of how much time this will save you!!

Color Street has a pretty awesome selection of nail colors and styles to choose from, and you won’t believe how affordable they are!

Solid colors are just $11 a sheet, where a sheet contains 16 different nail polish strips.  Guess what else?  These are Buy 3, Get 1 FREE!  And shipping is just $3!!

If solids are too tame for you, you may enjoy glitter nails!  These sheets are just $12 each, and can be mixed with the others in the Buy 3, Get 1 FREE deal!

If you like to kick your nails up a notch or two (or even 3 or 4!), you can select from the different nail art designs!  These sheets come in at a low $13 a sheet, and are also part of the Buy 3, Get 1 FREE mix & match deal!  Just keep in mind that the lowest priced product will be your freebie!

Here are a couple of awesome designs!

As if THAT isn’t enough, they even have a way to do a French Manicure!!  This is the best deal yet, at $14 a sheet, Buy 1, Get 1 FREE! That means you can try 2 French manicures for $7 each!!

I am personally so excited about these 100% nail polish strips from Color Street that I had to be one of the first people to host a party!  **Edited to add this party is now closed.  You can still order from Allyson at any time!** You can click here to shop my party (and I will love you forever for helping me earn free nails stuff!)!! Then if you would like to host your own party, please contact Allyson and support her business!  You can find her on Facebook by clicking here!!

Let me know which nails you are excited to try!!

**The nail party will be closing on Saturday, June 24, 2017.  All orders will “preauthorize” when placed, but will not be charged to you account until the party closes.  They will also be shipped after the close of the party!**


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