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Yes, You CAN Buy Paparazzi Jewelry Online!

Did you know you can buy Paparazzi jewelry online?

It’s true!  No more waiting for your favorite consultant to host a party, go Live on Facebook, or be at a vendor event!

While our company has a “replicated website” that is identical for every single consultant, that is ALSO how we, the consultants, shop…so things tend to sell out very fast.

If you know anything about Paparazzi, you know when it’s gone…it’s gone forever.

Buy Paparazzi jewelry online!

Thanks to the power of self-hosted websites, you can purchase directly from me right here! You’ll even be able to find some favorites that sold out super fast online. 😍

Another advantage to ordering from this website vs. the corporate site?  I charge less for shipping on smaller orders!  I also ship the next business day…guaranteed! Even better, you can choose to pay with your credit/debit card OR PayPal!

What are you waiting for?  Buy Paparazzi jewelry online today! Check out my online store right now and grab your favorites!!

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