Follow Your Passion

For many years, now, Paul and I have been trying to figure out what we want to be “when we grow up”.

Funny, if you know me, because we are grown adults with 4 children who are beginning to find their own way in the world. And here we are, still trying to find our way!

I have always loved making crafts, and feel like I have a certain affinity for it. Paul has always been very creative, and he loves working with his hands.

Together, we have started creating things together, and we have found that we work well with each other in our creative endeavors.

I often have the vision for the finished product, and Paul works to make it come true.

When I fell in love with Sola Wood Flowers, Paul and I worked together to come up with different ways to incorporate them into natural wood designs.

I think we are coming up with some exceptional home decor ideas, and hope you love our aesthetic.

If it’s not quite your style, I’ll bet you know someone who will love it! Please share our site with them.

Thank you for supporting us along the way, sharing our work, and showing love for our new business.

We appreciate you!

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