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Bingo Can Help Boost Your Live Party Attendance and Sales!

If you’ve been doing Live sales on Facebook, you probably know that sometimes, your sales can start to get a little…stale.  Playing Bingo can help boost your Live Paparazzi Accessories party sales and attendance!

Here’s how I recommend playing:

  1. Create a Bingo graphic to advertise your party.  I recommend using Canva for your graphics!Design
  2. Several days before your party, post your graphic to advertise your upcoming Live Party!  Let your customers know anyone can play!  No purchase necessary!  **this will get people sharing and tagging their friends!**
  3. Be prepared to give away at least 1 piece of Paparazzi at your party, whether you make any sales or not! I suggest adding to the giveaway as you sell pieces.  (Add a free piece for the winner for every 10 pieces sold)
  4. Have people message your page (remember, we should NEVER be selling off our personal timelines…it’s against Facebook policy!) and you will send them their Bingo card!  Send them a photo of their Bingo card, and write their name on the top of their physical card.
  5. Let everyone know they must be present to play!!
  6. For every 2-5 pieces you SHOW (not sell), draw a Bingo number Live!  Have people comment if it was on their card! (Comments and engagement increase who FB shows your Live to! 😉)
  7. Continue to show pieces and draw numbers UNTIL you have a winner!!

What makes this different from from other Bingo games you might see Paparazzi consultants playing?

First, you are not requiring a purchase to play!

Second, you are using the game as a “hook” to get people to join your Live AND COMMENT!!

These 2 things combined WILL increase your attendance and help build your business!

Dont forget to invite people to share your Live, and also to “Like” your page or join your group!  Keep the end goal in mind!

Use the Bingo fun to grow your business and have some FUN!!

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