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When Big Changes Happen…

…this momma might just turn into a hot mess!

So many changes are happening in my personal life right now, and they’re all kind of HUGE adjustments for me!

First, my baby boy has started Kindergarten.  He has been my little sidekick for the last 6 years, and now I send him off to school every day…all day.  He absolutely loves it, but I find myself alone in my house, which hasn’t happened for a very long time!

My baby boy on his first day of Kindergarten!

Now that might seem like a big enough adjustment to some of you, but it’s just the start around here!  My first born, the child that turned me into a mother for the very first time, is heading off to COLLEGE this weekend.

Yup…we’ll be driving him off to The University of Tennessee for the semester.  No more setting a place for him at dinner.  No more daily hugs.

Gosh.  Just writing that is making me cry.

I am so incredibly proud of him, but my goodness, I’ll miss the heck out of him!

As if those changes aren’t enough, we went and bought a house!  We are scheduled to close on September 5, and then the fun of moving begins.

I am so excited to have a place all our own again, but I truly despise moving!  It will be even more odd since the big kid won’t be at home.

With all these changes, all I can say is…

please pray for me!!

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