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Shipping With PayPal…Even If You Don’t Invoice Through Them!

Did you know you can ship your Paparazzi Accessories packages right from the comfort of your home?  No more annoying trips to the post office!!

You just need a kitchen scale, printer, paper, packaging tape, scissors, and a PayPal account!

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Many Paparazzi consultants don’t realize you can use PayPal to ship both First Class AND Priority Mail packages through PayPal and avoid paying a monthly fee (like you have to with

I have been shipping my jewelry through PayPal for 4 years, and have always found it to be a simple process.  Here’s how it works:

1. Gather your customers shipping information – I have a checkout form I created through Google Forms, and I use this to ask not only a good email for invoicing, but also shipping info! All of this information is saved on a spreadsheet in my Google Drive…making it easy for me to look this up any time I need that information.

2. After your customer has paid, get your package ready for shipping!  You can use some cute pink bubble mailers (I use these size 0 mailers from Amazon), or the FREE Priority Mail envelopes from the post office (I use those for orders of 5 or more pieces).

3.  Now it’s time to prepare your shipping label.  Simply visit and log into your PayPal account.  A screen will automatically pop up asking for your customers shipping information! Complete this info, and then choose your shipping method (First Class or Priority). Place your package on your kitchen scale, weigh it in ounces, and round up to the nearest ounce for accurate shipping charges.

4. Once you’ve paid for your shipping label (it will either come right out of your PayPal balance, or a bank account you have linked to PayPal), it’s time to print it!

5. Now that your label is printed, cut out the shipping portion, file the receipt side, and use packing tape to attach the label to your package!

6. Place that package in your mailbox with the flag up, and you’re ready to go!!

See? It’s easy to ship your packages right from home, with no extra monthly fees, with PayPal!

You’ll even save money on your shipping charges – and who doesn’t love that!!

Be sure to share this blog post with your teams!  The more Paparazzi Consultants who know how to do this, the better!!

Have a question about shipping with PayPal? Leave me a comment!

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