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$50 FREE Jewelry in Small Home Party Kit!

Starting your own Paparazzi business is an exciting opportunity!

At just $5 a piece, Paparazzi Accessories is super affordable.  Lead & nickel free, most women love to wear our jewelry….especially if they have metal sensitivities!

The BEST thing about Paparazzi Accessories is the ever-changing inventory selection available to you each day, Monday-Friday!  New releases are the lifeblood of this company, and the main reason people keep coming back for more!  It’s also the reason Paparazzi has no catalogs!

What could make this an even BETTER opportunity?

How about 10 FREE PIECES in the Small Home Party Kit ($299), and 20 FREE PIECES in the Large Home Party Kit ($499)?

That’s an extra $50-$100 in FREE JEWELRY! Who doesn’t like that?

The Summer Party Pack, included in these 2 kits, includes 10 exclusive pieces ONLY available to consultants with either starter kit, or a 150PV purchase (one order, not cumulative).

If you’d like to talk more about the business opportunity, please send me a message on Facebook!

You can also reach me by email!

If you’d just like to be able to purchase our awesome $5 jewelry, you can look through my store!  I keep HUNDREDS of pieces in stock for your shopping pleasure!

**Note: Summer Party Pack is not included in the $99 starter kit.**


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