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5 Ways To Wear Scarfed For Attention!

Did you know there are at least 5 ways to wear Scarfed For Attention, Paparazzi Accessories awesomely versatile scarf necklace?

Whether you choose to wear Scarfed For Attention in silver (currently out of stock on my site), gold, or gunmetal, you are bound to fall in LOVE with this necklace and earring set…especially when you realize how many looks you can achieve!

Open Layer

This lovely open look is as easy as draping the necklace around your neck!  It’s great for elongating your torso and accenting your favorite tops!

Looped Through

To achieve this look, simply fold the necklace in half, and then drape it around your neck.  Insert the open ends through the doubled over end and adjust until you like where it lays!

Draped Look

This classic scarf look is easily achieved!  Begin with the necklace in front of you, and then wrap it around each side to create this timeless look!

Nautical Knot

The nautical knot will give Scarfed for Attention a completely different look!  Start like you would for the Open Layer look.  Then, grab both ends together and twist them into a knot!  It’s an easy look that won’t need to be readjusted throughout the day.  You can even change this look up by tying the knot higher or lower!

Double Knot

The double knot is how I most often wear Scarfed For Attention myself!  Like the Nautical Knot, you start with the Open Layered look.  Then, tie a double knot in the chain at whatever height you choose!

As you can see, you can easily achieve these 5 different looks with the same $5 necklace!

If you’ve been looking for a versatile piece of jewelry that you will come back to over and over again, SCARFed For Attention is the necklace for you!

Be sure you check it out in my shop!

Leave me a comment and let me know which of the looks above is your favorite!  I can’t wait to hear from you!

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