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5 Reasons You Should Stalk Your Paparazzi Accessories Consultant!

Top 5 Reasons You Should Stalk Your Paparazzi Accessories Consultant!

Unless you’ve been living on some foreign planet, you’ve probably seen the awesomeness that is Paparazzi Accessories, right?  Foreign planet or not, here are the top 5 reasons you should stalk your Paparazzi Accessories consultant!

5. Summer is coming! 

And summer means new clothes. And new clothes means you’ll need new accessories!  Trust me, girl…your Paparazzi lady has the goods!  You don’t want to spend all of your vacation money on accessories, and Paparazzi has you covered…nothing is over $5!

4. Sneak Peeks!


Your Paparazzi gal probably has a VIP group where she shares her new inventory purchases with her favorite people!  Trust me…to get the hottest looks, you want to be one of her favorite people!  When you stalk her page, you just might get invited into the inner circle! (Hint! Hint!)

3. Get Notified When She Goes LIVE!

If you’ve never been to a Paparazzi Facebook Live party, you’re gonna want to jump on that bandwagon!  If your girl is really awesome, she just might have a way to notify you when she goes Live!  Go on, give it a try!  Message the word Live and see what happens!

2. Surprise Pieces Revealed!

If your girl is anything like me, she’ll have pieces around she didn’t know she was getting!  That’s because every Paparazzi Accessories consultant gets surprise pieces in her orders!  What better place to showcase them than in a Live sale?

And finally…

The #1 Reason You Should Stalk Your Paparazzi Consultant…

Get The Competitive Advantage!

Let’s face it…Paparazzi Live sales are competitive!  You have to find the piece you love, you have to hope and pray you are the first person to comment SOLD, and then, to top it all off, you have to keep your fingers crossed that your comment is the first one she sees!! The stars have to align just right for you to get your favorites in a Live sale!  Stalking your consultant means you have the BEST CHANCE of grabbing the pieces you love!

So do yourself a favor…

Follow your consultant on Facebook

Buy from her so you get invited to her VIP group!

Stalk the crap out of her page so you know when she’s going Live!!

And have fun!  Where else are you going to find super-trendy accessories for $5?


Want to be the stalkee instead?  Join my team and start your own Paparazzi journey!



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