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3 Reasons To Be Active This Month – Paparazzi Accessories

3 Reasons To Be Active This Month

Attention all Paparazzi Accessories independent consultants!!

Have you ordered your 50 PV this month?


What are you waiting for?!?

Seriously.  You NEED to get yourself active, and here’s 3 reasons to be active this month:



Active consultants get themselves listed in the Consultant Finder on the Paparazzi website.  That’s a big one.  I have received new team members from the website, and new customers as well.  But if you’re not active, no one will be able to find you there!


Active consultants with a downline get paid commission on their downline activity based on their current title.  (See the compensation plan for information on how we get paid)  If you aren’t active, you are leaving money on the table…and no one likes to leave free money behind, right?  At least, I know I don’t.

And the #1 Reason IS…

NEW INVENTORY for your customers!  There is nothing that helps feed that $5 habit more than new inventory!  And active consultants will have AT LEAST 25 new pieces of jewelry every month.

Seriously, you can’t build a business if you never reorder inventory when it sells.  This is probably the single most important factor in building a successful Paparazzi business!

Imagine if you went to your favorite store every month, but they had the same exact items each and every month.  How excited would you be to go back a third or fourth time? How many visits would it take before you stopped checking in all together?

In my business, I am active every single month, and have been for over 4 years!  My customers know they can count on me for new inventory every single month!

Do you understand the 3 reasons to be active this month?


Great!  Get yourself out there and GET ACTIVE!  Order 25 pieces today!

Share this post with your teams!  Help them understand the importance of being active this month!




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