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2017 Paparazzi Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you’re on a tight budget this Holiday season, or you’ve got some money to spend, Paparazzi Accessories by Five Dollar Divine has got you covered! Our Paparazzi Accessories 2017 Holiday Gift Guide is here!

With the majority of gifts priced as low as $5 each, and nothing over $25, you’ll be sure to find that special someone a gift she’ll adore this Holiday season!

$5 Gifts

Paparazzi Accessories was founded on the idea that everyone loves cute jewelry and a $5 price point can fit into nearly everyone’s budget!

You’ll find literally hundreds of super cute accessories for $5 this holiday season?  Pick out one, or choose several!  They’re always Buy 12, Get 1 FREE here at Five Dollar Divine!

If you have a hard time deciding on the perfect Paparazzi Holiday gift, check out our Blockbuster pieces, which are sure to be a huge hit!

Whether you’re in love with a dainty look like What A Gem or captivated by classic elegance of Lady In Waiting, we’ve got your Paparazzi Holiday gifts covered!

$20 Gifts

What could be better that one Paparazzi Holiday gift? How about an entire coordinating set of Paparazzi Accessories?

We carry coordinating sets of 4 pieces for just $20 a set!  Choose a set you think she’ll adore, and never worry if the pieces “go together” or not.

I know she’ll feel special when you choose an entire set she’ll love, and you’ll look like a fashion hero!

You can shop our available sets here!

$25 Gifts

Every year at Convention, Paparazzi Accessories has released a special line of blinged out accessories exclusively to consultants.  This year, Paparazzi has released these amazing pieces to our customers, as well! I am so excited to offer these amazing pieces to YOU this Holiday season.

Who do you know on your gift-giving list that would love one of these Zi Collection pieces?

At $25 each, this collection packs a lot of punch!

You can shop the entire Zi Collection here.

** Please note: I keep one of each piece on hand.  If your item goes into backorder, please allow 10 days  for delivery. **

No matter how big or small your budget is this Holiday season, I hope you’ll make Paparazzi Accessories part of your gift giving experience!

If you know someone who loves jewelry, please share my Paparazzi Holiday Gift Guide with them!!

Happy Holidays!



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