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Top 5 Reasons Paparazzi Accessories Is an Awesome Business!

So you’re thinking of joining Paparazzi Accessories?  Of course, I think you’re making the best decision ever!

You need to know why Paparazzi Accessories is a great Direct Sales business!

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Reason #5 – Low Start Up Costs

Paparazzi Accessories offers 3 different wholesale business kits that will fit any budget.  Our $99 kit will give you 35 pieces of jewelry, along with lots of different business materials.  Our $299 kit gives you 120 pieces of jewelry, and our $499 kit comes not only with 200 pieces of jewelry, but also a FREE ticket to our next Convention (a $179+ value).  No matter which kit you choose, you’ll be able to turn a profit with just the jewelry in your kit!  Isn’t that awesome?

Reason #4 – Awesome Compensation Plan

Paparazzi knows how to pay their consultants!  Every single consultant, whether a top seller, or just selling a few pieces a month, earns 45% commission ($2.25) on every single piece you sell!  We have consultants selling a few pieces a month, and consultants selling over a thousand pieces a month!  Think of all the earnings they are making on a monthly basis!

In addition to the 45% retail commission, you can also earn on your team, from the very first person you enroll in Paparazzi!  You will earn from 5% to 10% on your personally sponsored consultants, and as you rise in ranks, you earn on their new consultants, as well!  Paparazzi also pays out a Business Builders Bonus of an extra 15% when you sign a new consultant to sell!

Reason #3 – Free Website!

You have to love a company that provides you with a Replicated Website at no monthly cost to you!  Each consultant receives a website the moment they join our fantastic company!  This free website allows customers to shop directly from Paparazzi, where you are still earning $2.25 a piece for each piece sold!  Kinda cool, right?

Reason #2 – No Catalogs!

If you’ve been in Directs Sales before, you probably had to pay for catalogs at least twice a year.  Aside from the expense this creates, it also means that every single consultant for that company has the same exact items to choose from.  So competition for customers increases.

NOT with Paparazzi!  Because we are an inventory based company, vs. a catalog sales company, you avoid that expense!

And last but not lease…

Reason #1 – New Inventory Daily!!

Paparazzi really spoils with daily inventory releases Monday – Friday! New releases come out between 2-9 PM Eastern every weekday! The releases range in size from 20-nearly 100 new pieces every day! Since inventory is limited on each piece, no 2 consultants have the same exact inventory.  This is great because it keeps the competition between consultants to a minimum!  Once you’re a consultant, you can sign up for daily new release notifications!

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Now that you know all the awesomeness that is Paparazzi Accessories, are you ready to take the leap and join my team?  I can’t wait to help you start your very own journey with Paparazzi!  You’ll be glad you did!

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