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Maximize The Summer Party Pack Promotion!

Paparazzi does spoil us, don’t they?

This month, when you place an order of 125PV or more, you’ll get a Summer Party Pack in your order (while supplies last)!

That means 10 EXTRA FREE pieces of jewelry for you!  You can sell them, keep them, give them away, use them as an incentive…the option is yours!

One thing that doesn’t change?  This is potentially an extra $50 in sales for you…at 100% profit!

Summer Party Pack

The only “strange” thing about this promotion is the PV requirement.  125 PV.  Since you can’t buy a 1/2 piece, you’ll have to go over!

Here’s I would maximize this promotion this month:

Purchase 70 piece shop of jewelry on any order you do.  This is $192.50 before sales tax.  With this order, you’ll get:

  • Free shipping
  • 1 Summer Party Pack
  • 7 hostess rewards
  • 70 pieces of jewelry

When you do this, you’ll actually be getting 87 pieces of jewelry for $192.50, increasing your profit to nearly 56% on this order!!

Plan to make at least 1 qualifying order this month!! You can do it!  Use the 100 Piece Challenge sheet to help you get there!!

Don’t forget to promote this to your potential consultants, as well!  When they up the ante and join with the $299 or $499 kit, they’ll also get in on the Summer Party Pack!!


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