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How To Use 3rd Party Apps in Your Facebook Groups

It’s August, and Facebook has rolled out a brand new change.  If you use 3rd party apps like Cinchshare , you’ll need to grant them permission to post in your groups!

Here is a quick, step by step guide to granting CinchShare and other 3rd party apps permission to post in your groups:

**You will need to grant these permissions from a desktop atmosphere. I was able to do this on my iPad through Safari.  You will not be able to do this in the Facebook app. **

Step 1: Find your group settings

In each group, you will need to edit your settings.  First, you will click on the “…more” tab.

Then, you will click on “edit groups settings” as seen below!

Step 2: Grant Permissions to the App

In your group settings, you will find a new section called “Apps”.  Click on the “Add Apps” button in this section.

Now you will search for the approved 3rd party apps you would like to use to post in your group.  I love CinchShare for posting in my groups!  You can click the link to try it free for 7 days!

Be sure you click on the “add” button!

Once you’ve added the app, you need to click on “done”.

That’s it!

You can now use the app in the group you added it to!

If you would like to use an app in more than one group, you will need to take a few minutes and add that app to each group you plan to use it in.

Remember, to edit group settings, you must be an admin of the group!

Hope this tip helps you use your favorite apps in your groups!

(If you want to try CinchShare for free for 37 days, try promo code “cinchfree”.)

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