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Building a Strong(er) Business

Facebook Jail.

Many of us have been here recently, and let’s be honest…it stinks.

We spend hours building up strong businesses, only to have our posts seemingly randomly blocked by Facebook, which we rely heavily on to communicate with our customers.

While it is very frustrating, unfortunately Facebook is well within their rights to block us in this manner.

What does that mean?  It means you need to build a wider business on multiple platforms, and not be so “all in” on Facebook!  I know you’ve heart that saying…”Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”.  And yet that is exactly what most of us are doing with our businesses…putting everything we have into Facebook.

What are some other avenues we can utilize to build stronger, Facebook-proof businesses?

  1. Periscope – live streaming
  2. YouTube – you can live stream here, too! You can also upload many different edited videos to showcase you and your products!
  3. Instagram – Mainly image based!  Be careful here because Facebook owns this platform as well!
  4. Personal Website – with the right marketing, you can create an email list and control 100% of what your customers are seeing here!  This is a great addition to your online Social Media tools!  You can create a store for your jewelry, blog, etc. (Can you tell I love this option?  Mainly because YOU create the rules here!)
  5. In person sales!!!!  Do NOT overlook this avenue of sales!  Our jewelry is attractive and affordable, and this shows best in person!

Which platform are you most excited to try?  I am happy to help you with trainings on any/all of these platforms!

With Love,

Jessica – Team Up Your Game

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